Hello! Welcome to The Lain Archives. My name is Lacy and this is my amazing husband, Caleb and our sweet, precious, awesome little girl, Sparrow. She is literally the best tiny thing in the world. We love the Lord and desire to serve Him with our whole hearts. He is truly our rock and we have had to lean on Him in seriously dark and deep valleys, but He is good and faithful. I share a lot about Him on this blog. I created this blog right after we got married, but I have done a horrible job of keeping up with it. 

Recently we sat down and wrote out some goals for this year and keeping up with this blog is one of my biggest priorities. I do not think I am an expert at "Moming" however, I do think from working at a daycare for quite a few years and now raising Sparrow who was a teeny preemie; I have learned a few things and I want to share those with other moms to help any way I can. 

We are also now vegans. On Black Friday last year my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia (you can read more about that and his journey here). Praise the Lord he is now in remission and we have made some changes to our diet and lifestyle. I didn't particularly love being a vegan a few weeks into it, because it was hard and at first we did only raw fruits and veggies to help clear out his body after chemo. BUT I have been determined to try "easy" vegan recipes from other bloggers and share those AND come up with my own "easy" and kid friendly vegan versions of our favorite foods.

I love meeting new bloggers and people that have blogs in the same niche as I do. I am also totally up for collaborating and if you are interested email me at hello[at]thelainarchives[dot]com.  

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