Minimalism & Water Consumption: Why You Need a Filter in Your House

July 10, 2017

Minimalism & Water Consumption: Why you need a water filter in your house.

I had a long talk this morning with a doctor when I took Sparrow for her 1 year check up (which was awful and she had to get 2 shots, and give blood for the first time since the two-week old foot prick). But she's doing great now playing and talking my ear off.

In this talk we discussed the fluoride rumors that go around and the difference in city and country water. I wondered why she asked if we lived in town or not and that led to a long convo. Needless to say I have watched a few water videos this morning and have decided that we need a filter. Half the time we get water out of our sink it smells like the lake and sometimes it even has dirt in it that I can see plain as day when I get a cup to drink (Eww!). Backtracking for just a minute, my sister has a filter at her house and fixing Sparrow's bottles there last week was sooooo much easier than having to haul water jugs around! So at her appointment this morning I felt like that was just confirmation that we need a filter.

We've discussed water before and I am a weirdo about it. When I'm pregnant I won't drink it without a straw and ice. When I'm not pregnant I can't hardly stand that much ice. I'm weird and on top of that if I see anything that in my water at all or it's been sitting in a glass for longer than an hour, then I am most likely not going to drink it because I think it has been exposed to too many germs. I have a dream of getting this water filtration system at our "dream house" and hope to one day have it.

e spring water filtration system. This will save you money and your health.
For now, at our current house, where the city says that our lake smelling, dirt filled water is okay to drink I am considering a few options. If you have any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them. I know that a filter will save us a ton of money in the long run and we are protecting our health by having one. Can you imagine how many water bottles we won't buy? I watched a video the other day that was talking about minimalism and 10 things everyone should do, minimalist or not. number 6 was use a refillable water bottle in stainless steel or glass. I prefer glass, but either are good options and I agree. 

Any suggestions on the ones below?

I really like the $39.99 one, but I can't decide. I do know that this is a  necessity in our house. I am refusing to buy anymore bottles or jugs of water. I'm refusing to drink dirty water (when we pay for the water!) and I am ready to get a filter.

Now, back to the water talk from the beginning of this post. I have linked a few articles about fluoride in our water here, here, and here. I also have a short but important list of reasons that even if you don't have our kind of water, you still need a filter.

1. Because I have yet to read about a major city (much less a small town) with the capabilities of having a filtration system that is truly good enough to drink. I think most pride themselves on being "drinkable" but at the lowest standards we have made for them, and let's be honest, for those of us that care...the standards are pretty low (i.e. lake smell, dirt in water)
2. Cities "add" things to our water without us knowing and they put it in fine print in the letters they send us.
3. Fluoride. We don't need to consume near the amount that is in most city's water after the age of 4 or as the doctor put it this morning, "48 months of age"
4. Because in more than just the article I posted above, fluoride is considered just as toxic as a carcinogen to our bodies.

What are your thoughts? Have you done research and find different things? I am always ready to hear about it and learn. Comment below and let me know.

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