Tuesday Baby Essentials #2

June 06, 2017

Obviously an essential for any Mom

Today is my second Baby Essentials post. If you haven't already noticed by all the pictures down below, I am pretty obsessed with The Honest Company. I love all of their products and the best part about all of them, aside from their pretty packaging and wonderful smells, is that I totally trust them on Sparrow's skin and I love the organic sensitive formula.

Also, if you haven't already seen my other post I put the baby carrier on the last one too. I wanted to put it on here again because if you haven't been educated about how a baby should be positioned in a "backpack carrier" it does make a difference and they are not all created equal. I encourage you to look it up and start researching for yourself, but I love this one. It's easy to use, simple to put on and get her strapped into. It has a cover for when it's too sunny or (insert any weather condition that you wouldn't want your baby's head sticking out). It also comes in a wide variety of colors and prints. We chose a neutral one that was given to us from our registry and I'm so thankful. It literally saved me a few times at the hospital and it's fun and snuggly. I'm a huge fan of baby snuggles in case you weren't aware.

I also put our stroller and carseat on here. It was rated #1 in safely and is why I wanted it, but it's also easy to use, and I wouldn't chose another (unless the safety ratings weren't as good). I do realize these change every year and every 6(I believe?) years they also expire. But for now this year, I would chose it again.

The blankets and the diaper bag. I have had both and I loved them!

I hope this is helpful to you. Please comment or contact us with any questions. We'd love to hear from you.

This post obviously contains a market plugin and I may get a commission off of any purchase made through clicking the above links. Please rest assured that I do not promote anything on here that I haven't used myself or a friend that I trust hasn't recommended to me or that I haven't researched the dog out of.

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