The Easiest $200 I've Ever Made & How You Can Too

June 08, 2017

If you follow along here then you have probably seen where I've talked about ThredUp before. It's essentially an online consignment shop that gives you both a "payout" price & a "consignment" price on the clothes the accept.

The best part about ThredUp is that they send you what they call Clean Out bags. These are pre-postaged bags that have a peel and stick seal on them. In other words, you fill it up & leave it by your mailbox or drop it off at a shipping facility. I usually drop it off because there's one near our house & I can be assured that it went to where it was supposed to go.

The run down:

  • Clean out your closet
  • Order your clean out kit
  • Get it in the mail and get excited (maybe do a shoulder shake or happy dance)
  • Fill the bag
  • Seal it
  • Drop it off
  • Wait....
  • Wait....
  • Sometimes they take a little while (as in a few months) to go through your bag
  • Make the money
  • You have a few options with the payout. I chose a card from ThredUp that they will send you in the mail. You can also use store credit.. I bought a pair of shoes with some of my earnings, but I decided other than that, I would rather have the cash.

It is seriously the easiest money you can make. It's nothing to really pay bills with, but it's not nothing. 

Here's this months picture of my "Clean Out Stats":
They do charge a fee now for shipping, but they waive it if your bag doesn't make that much. I did recently have a bag only make $3.20 which stinks, but I didn't send in the greatest stuff in the bag. 

They also send all of the clothes they don't take to a charity which is good to know that they aren't just tossed and wasted. 


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