Minimalist Momma Life Update: Time Management Issues

June 22, 2017

Last night my goal was to wake up at 6 this morning. I usually wake up at 7:30(ISH) with Sparrow. I roll out of bed and go get her out of bed and we start our day. Instead, I woke up at 11:18pm, 1(ish) am, I don't actually remember what the time was but it was around then, and 5am. Sparrow hasn't been taking her naps this week and that's mostly my fault. I have been worried so much about everything else on my to-do list that I haven't made her sleep a priority. Well, you may think that I'm crazy to say that her sleep is a priority, or you may be thinking that I don't need to let my daughter run my life. I'm the parent, I should be in charge.

You would be right!

I am here to tell you that I want that to be a priority. There is so much research on the subject of sleep. I mean, to the point that insurance pays doctor bills for people to get "sleep treatment." Sleep is a vitally important part of our lives. Rest is so important that God set aside an entire day for rest. I believe whole heartedly that if we aren't sleeping well or getting adequate rest it has a direct effect on our lives. 

I want Sparrow to learn the importance of rest and sleeping. I want to teach her that we don't have to be going all the time. I want her to know that our family is a priority and taking care of the needs of my baby is important to me. I want her to know that it's okay to say no and it's okay to NOT do everything you are asked to do in order to reevaluate your time and how you are managing your home.

Today I am giving myself grace in not meeting the goals I set for myself. I often set unrealistic goals (I'm learning how to undo this way of thinking and this attitude of failing all the time) for myself. This leads to feeling like I can't do anything, I don't want to set goals, because I always fail at them anyway. I am unmotivated by them and I don't usually believe that I can achieve anything I want to because...well...I've failed at meeting unrealistic goals wayyy too much.

So, here's a free worksheet I just created (and brainstormed after researching goal setting all morning)  for myself. I want to meet my goals and I want to get better at managing my time. Which seems to be an area of clutter in my life (and it's going to be in my time management workbook COMING SOON! Yay!) I want to be able to take on tasks that feel daunting and knock them out without feeling overwhelmed. Anyone else understand this? If so, I would love to hear from you. I'd love for you to be a part of my Facebook Group: Minimalist Momma Life. I'd love to get your insight. I'd love for you to go through the workbooks with me, and I'd love to get to know you and help encourage you along this journey of simplified motherhood and living with intention. 

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