Minimalist Momma Life Update + Free Complete Cleaning Schedule

June 27, 2017

Update on the Minimalist Momma Life Challenge. It's hard! It takes time! It's is for real life changing!

I still have a long way to go. I'm sure a lot of you do too. BUT I absolutely love walking into a clean house when I get home every day. The living room is clean and I have cleared out a majority of the clutter and things we don't NEED. The kitchen needs so much work still, but we're getting there. I have worked on my bedroom quite a bit and decided to make my bed daily (yes, you read that right, I didn't make my bed hardly ever before). This morning I woke up and was able to not only have a quiet time but also journal for a little bit before Sparrow woke up.

Quick note on having a Quiet Time and Journaling: I have a love/hate relationship with waking up early. I really don't like it at all! It wears me out to get out of bed. It's literally the hardest thing ever for me. I am that person that has to "roll out of bed." BUT I love it when I do get up early, especially early enough to get things done before Sparrow gets up. Today was the sweetest. I had everything done, but finishing journaling and I could see her on the monitor playing with her stuffed animals in her bed before she started crying for me to come get her. It was the cutest and I got to enjoy just watching and listening to her little baby talk without stressing about doing dishes, or anything else.

Honest note: I have piles of laundry that aren't done and that stresses me out, but then I close the laundry room door and I decide that it's okay and I'm taking it a day at a time.

If you haven't join the challenge you can sign up here. I would love to have you join us. There's also a Facebook group that we can share in and encourage each other.

I have also tried to implement a cleaning schedule. I read about another lady that had the same sort of breakdown as me and decided to minimize her house and she explained that she made a cleaning schedule. I also follow another Instagram mom that talks about her cleaning schedule on a regular basis so, I figured it was a good idea to make myself one and try it out, instead of just whenever we think it needs to be done. This way it just becomes a habit and I do it and forget about it.

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