2017 Minimalist Baby Essentials

June 11, 2017

I have had almost an entire year of baby life now. That's not entirely true. My sister has a 2 1/2 year old and I have worked in daycares and/or babysat since I was 17 so I've actually had a lot of baby life. BUT I've had almost a year of my own baby life 24/7 and can I be completely honest with you? It's stinkin' hard! I knew it would be, but coming home with a 4 pounder was much harder than I expected it to be. I did a lot of things "not by the book." I did a lot of things that would probably be frowned upon and I couldn't hardly sleep, even when she was sleeping because I was a ball of nerves for a while.

THEN, my husband was diagnosed with leukemia during our Thanksgiving break and again, it was hard. And I really didn't do things by the book. I mean, I am pretty sure having a bassinet in any other hospital room besides a postpartum room is not normal. But she is the best and through all of that I would say that I've learned more than I ever thought I would. I was pretty confident going into motherhood that I had enough practice with other people's kids and enough education, that I was good to go. HA! I don't think I wavered in confidence all the time, but I definitely have had a big learning curve. I'm pretty sure our next children will be different than Sparrow and I'm going to have to have another learning curve.

I say all of that to say this, it doesn't matter what your child is like, there are still some things that I believe are helpful to share with others. I also want to add that I have found that less is more. I know you're shocked by that since all over the place on our blog it says the words "Minimalist Momma." But I truly have found this to be true. I have tried every toy, every contraption, and I have made a list of what I believe to be the simple and most helpful, and by the way, I named this the "2017" guide, because I'm sure by next year there will be 100 more awesome baby things that we all feel like we need and have to have in order to survive motherhood with a tiny.

I highly recommend it. Even if you don't decided it's for you, the workbook is free and has what I would consider a lot of helpful info in it. 

P.S. All you moms out there are doing GREAT! You probably don't hear that enough or at all and I want you to know that it's hard. There are so many challenges, but you know and love your baby better than anyone on the planet and you're doing awesome!

Okay, here's my list of 2017 Baby Essentials:


The bath tubs (obviously you don't need both, but there are options) I loved this one. It's a great option and the price is awesome (comparatively speaking) I love the sling in this one, because from the time she was a tiny 4 lbs 13oz to now at 20 lbs she can lay in the sling and her body can stay warm in the water without me worrying that she's going to go under. -and no I don't mean I can leave her unattended....DON'T do that-

The safety set is awesome, I didn't use everything in it. But I did use a lot of it & I used the little zipper pouch to carry medicine in her diaper bag in case it spilled.

The brush set. I have literally looked everywhere for the little brush thing on the right side. It's a soft bristled brush that you can use if your baby does or doesn't have hair. It's soothing on their sweet precious heads. Sparrow loved hers. They will give you one at the hospital because it should be what they use for their first bath. They come with sponges on the back side of them in the hospital, but I would stock up and then get even more. I tended to lose it or just not put it back in the bathroom because she had a lot of hair so I was always brushing it. It's one of my favorite baby items.

Every Honest Company product on here is my favorite. I use Aveeno too, but I LOVE The Honest Company products. They are safe for her and I trust them. She has sensitive skin, so it's an even bigger draw for me to use them, but I can't say enough good things about them. My favorite scent is lavender and Sparrow always smells so good when I get her in the mornings from her bath at night. I love it and I honestly think it helps her sleep.

The towel. I don't actually have that exact towel, but it's so cute! I'm obsessed with lemon things and of course, Anthropologie has adorable baby things. For my Minimalist Momma Life Challenge, I am getting rid of a lot of towels. I am, however, keeping 3-4 baby towels. I feel like I could get away with keeping 2, but I'm going to start with 3-4. And for now that's enough, because I have way too many.

The little rags. My sister didn't really use the baby rags, she just used regular ones. I have found that I love the baby rags. They are soft and I wash them separately with only baby things. (Yes, I'm weird and still wash her clothes separately from everything else). When my sister gave me her baby things for Sparrow she gave me an entire bag of baby rags. I have kept them and when I asked if she was ready for them back her response was, "You can keep them or get rid of them, I don't use them." So, you may not like them either or you may have soft rags at home and don't need baby ones, but I recommend having about 5 in your home. I am getting rid of all but 5. That way I have almost one per night (we do baths nearly every night now). When she was tiny I used three per bath. I was using one for her face, one for her body, and one for her tiny hiney. Now I use one and I wash her face first and hiney last.

The toys! I am in a love/hate relationship with toys right now. We're minimizing our house right now, so we are getting our toys down to ONE bucket/basket. BUT I am keeping her basket in the bathroom of "bath toys" because she's at the age where she loves playing with them in the bubbles (with that awesome bubble bath up there). We got quite a few toy packages before she was born, but I decided to only keep one. The ocean toys. I don't know why but I love ocean toys, even though I'm terrified of sharks. I want to encourage you to only keep ONE package of bath toys. You don't need more than that and it's enough toys to keep them playing and enjoying bath time.

Last, but not least, BABY FRIDA! Their products are genius. I love their stuff so much. I will say the only thing I probably wouldn't buy is the medicine dispenser. I just used the nipple to her bottle and let her suck it down and then I gave her a bottle usually right afterwards.


Obviously you don't need ALL of these things, but I would recommend the $9.99 Gerber onesies. They are the best and you can use some all color bleach when they get stains. Plus, babies just look so stinking adorable in plain white onesies. The other onsies I just put on here because they are adorable.

The button down and zipper sleepers are the best. I used the button ones when she was tiny because I could just unbutton the bottom buttons and change her diaper when she was sleeping and she'd sleep through the change. If I had to pull both her legs out of the zipper one she'd wake up.

The swaddles from Kohl's are great. I didn't use them with Sparrow for long at all. Caleb was great at swaddling her when she was tiny. It was like perfect swaddles, so I didn't need them. BUT with our future kids I will most likely use these, because they just seem simpler and I can put them on if he can't swaddle them.

For tiny's though, you really only need 2 or 3 onesies per day and a sleeper per day. I kept Sparrow in sleepers pretty much all the time during the winter months (so maybe 2 per day, because they get them messy). Unless you need your kiddos to be dressed up at all times, that's it. I just wanted her to be comfortable and warm or cool enough at all times. I didn't worry too much about the cuteness...because they're already adorable at that age...and always...but you know what I'm saying...tiny babies are just so cute!


Feeding could be a post by it's self. There is a lot of info I would love to share. The biggest thing I want you to take away is this:

Every baby is different and they won't all like the same things. You might have one that wants to breastfeed, one that likes bottles, and one that could care less about both until they are to the starving point and have to eat. (That's a real thing, so babies take a little longer to get to eat and don't like having to do it. I totally understand too, they haven't had to do anything to eat at all so far in their little lives and it's new to them).


I didn't breastfeed for very long and I put a ton of pressure on myself and it was just awful. But I did try until she couldn't keep my milk down and threw it up for about three days in a row and then I had to give her formula so that she could get some nutrition.

I am partial to the Modella breast pump. I actually had a friend give me hers because they were done having kids and I can't tell you how awesome and what a relief that was for me. IF you are wanting to use this one or any other one, there are two ways to do it the "easy-hands free- way. " I took a sports bra that was pretty tight marked with a marker where to make slits and cut just a small slit big enough to put the funnels through. This is my version of a hands-free bra and it was just an old one I had in my closet and didn't cost a fortune. We all know baby things cost a ton so saving some on that was helpful.

The other way, which I hoping for with the next go-round my friend, Karen, told me about. These things called freemies. They're awesome. I kid you not she literally pumps during our Bible study and I would've never known had she not told me about these things. The bra slits are great too, but they are a little but, Caleb called it my "Austin Powers bra" and I'm pretty sure his mom was totally mortified the first time I pumped in front of her with this thing on.

I used everything in the above picture list, except for the Dr. Brown's bottles and the travel grass drying rack (I wish I had know about this before though, because we definitely could've used it). The bottles, I can't speak from experience, but I hear great reviews about them. However, I HIGHLY recommend the Playtex bottles. They help with gas and colic. Sparrow didn't have colic, but she had (and still has occasionally) bad gas issues and these bottles helped tremendously.


Bassinet: With Sparrow, we had a Winnie the Pooh bassinet that played (annoying) music, had dangling Tigger and Eore (she loved watching them, but I had to hit them all the time to make them move) and it had a night light and vibrated. I didn't use the vibrate setting because I used the movement monitor in it when she was teeny. I put a few travel ones, a basic one with no hanging/dangling toys, and one that has a mobile attached to it. With our future kiddos I think I would try and get the travel/fold up ones just because we travel so often to grandparents' houses and stuff and it's just so much easier. But I also really like the idea of having a mobile on the bassinet.

The rock n' play's: We had one just like the purple one, BUT the one with the automatic rocker would have been life changing.

The playpen is awesome. I didn't use the bassinet or changing table part. Although, you could probably get away without a bassinet if you only used this.

Homedics sound machine. We have the travel one and the one that projects pictures.

Swings: We have one just like the one on the right, but to save space & money, I think the other one would be awesome.

The Baby Einstein jumper thing. I don't actually know what it's called. Sparrow went through a very small window that she actually liked being in that. Even though she doesn't particularly like it now days, she has to sit in it occasionally while I wash bottles, or make her food, or whatever. She'll learn that way, right?

The stroller and carseat. I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH! They were life-savers while we were in the hospital and that stroller was not just a stroller it was a cart for carrying things from the car to the room so many times. Or for carrying food back up to the room from the cafeteria, etc. The carseat was rated #1 last year in most of the safety websites I checked and I would recommend it to everyone.

The only think I would change about the carseat/stroller combo is that I would get the other Britax stroller that can be adaptable to add another seat for a second baby.

I'm sure I am forgetting something, so I'll update this if needed. But I feel like this is a good starting point.

This post contains affiliate links that I make a small commission on, you don't pay any more than you would anywhere else if purchasing the items in this post. Thanks in advance if you do end up purchasing through this post. Every little bit helps.

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