10 Toyless/FREE Summer Activities for Baby

June 21, 2017

I don't know about you, but I love summer. It's actually extremely stressful for our family. We have a ranch/retreat center. Which means that we host events all year round. The biggest events we do are camps. These are literally all summer long. I'm not complaining, it's how we make a living, but it definitely takes "summer" to a different level for us. I do still love it though. I used to love winter much more than summer, but for some reason, I have this new love affair with summer, the pool, the beach, water, all of it. I think part of the reason is that my sweet baby girl is basically a fish that just can't swim yet and prefers to be outside. She squirms and squeals when we walk past the front door because she loves it so much. 

All of that to say that I have put some major thought into free summer activities for babies. I think toddler aged kiddos and up have a ton of options on summer activities from camps, to water park days, to 50 cent movies.  I'm almost positive Sparrow couldn't make it through a movie and the water park might be fun, but it costs more than 50 cents and my germ-a-phobic-ness (I know that's not a real word...don't worry, I just don't care) won't let me go to a water park too often. Don't get me wrong, I know they are fun and I loved them. Well, to an extent I was always worried about the germs of other people that were probably getting on me in the lazy river and I was scared to go down slides because so many people butts (obviously they had swimming suits on, I just never thought that was adequate for keeping germs away) touched the slide that I might get pink eye or something if I accidentally rubbed my eyes after sliding. Y'all I had some major germ issues. I have thankfully gotten over that for the most part. 

Back to the entire point of this post. I just wanted to come up with a few activities that are specific to babies for the summer time and that are free...because summer fun costs money and it can get crazy!

  1. Get your water hose out. Tonight I took Sparrow's "jumper play gym thing" outside, watered it down and then put her in it and watered her down. She played for about and hour and a half like that. She loved the grass (when she finally let her toes touch it). And she loves being outside. That was an easy one.
  2. The splash pad. We thankfully live in a town that has one that is free at the part for the kiddos to play at. Yes, I am worried about germs here too, but she's bound to share germs with other little ones eventually, right? 
  3. Popsicles. You can make these at home from whatever you have in your freezer and you can make them in tupperware if you don't have molds. We love popsicles in our house. 
  4. Painting. We haven't tried this yet. I'm going to do it next week. But I always have paint at the house, or you can make some ( recipe coming soon) out of household ingredients. Then take the littles outside with a towel or a washable table cloth or tarp. We have lots of tarps in our garage. You just need something to keep them out of the grass. Our grass is hard and doesn't feel good at all. Then you can use whatever to let them finger paint. Seriously, old magazines, newspaper, old fabric. ANYTHING. 
  5. Newspaper balls! We get the local paper delivered to our house every week. We read it about .01% of the time and most of the time it ends up being used as spray paint catcher under any and everything I paint. I decided to take an entire paper and make as many "balls" i.e. crumpled up papers as I could and let Sparrow play in them (similar to the ball house thing at fast food restaurants). Obviously she wants to eat everything, so I have to keep an eye on her because it doesn't seem like the most nutritious thing I could give her. But taking her out in the shade and letting her play is awesome
  6. Let them splash some more. I actually did spend money on this one $6 to be exact, but you don't have to spend a dime. I bought a little tiny pool that is actually close in size to one of those big storage boxes. If you've got a storage box, you've got a mini splash pool. 
  7. Take your baby for a walk. This one doesn't really pertain to age. All kids love going on walks. Get their stroller, or a baby wearing device (tutorial on the cheapest/most efficient one money can buy and the best one for babies under 15lbs. -in my humble opinion) and go soak up some evening or early morning sun.
  8. Take their toys outside. I obviously am "downsizing" our toys. We have enough for 15 kids, but I'm not going crazy with none and she's got plenty that are "water proof". Simply take them outside. Maybe take an umbrella and a blanket to sit on. Although a little mover won't stay on the blanket. I suggest even taking a few snacks out with you and making it a picnic
  9. Take advantage of free family events in your town. Look on your "city of...." or Chamber websites. There are usually tons of family friendly free events.
  10. Go outside and play with them! Put your phone down, take away their electronics, and go play. Maybe take a ball out with you, anything. Just spend time playing with them.

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