Tuesday Baby Essentials I Love

May 30, 2017

Tuesdays I will be sharing some of my favorite baby products. I am particular about most of them and especially the bath & body products I put on Sparrow. She has extremely sensitive skin and what I post here is the best of the best. I hope this is helpful to some of you mommas out there. Also, I am usually a "tight-wad" but with certain things, like diapers, and skincare products, I do splurge because I don't want her sweet skin getting irritated.

P.S. Her skin has broken out horribly from skincare products and cheap diapers in the past and if you have ever experienced that with your own tiny one, you know the struggle and that "mom shame" you feel when everyone looks at you like you have ruined your baby's bottom because you didn't buy the best of the best to save a buck or two. Trust me, on certain things...spurge, their baby skin will be so thankful.

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