Minimalist Momma Life

May 15, 2017

Some of you already know, and if you've checked out the About page, you have read that we recently had a life changing experience with my husband being diagnosed with leukemia. Praise the Lord he is now in remission. Although, he's not back to full strength yet. I think some people just think things are back to normal...but if I'm being honest they are NOT; But we are getting there. I say all that to tell you this. I feel like both of us have a (for lack of a better term) "new lease on life." Probably both of us in different ways, but we both do. I think both of us are learning to be better time managers. I think we both also love the idea of the "minimalist lifestyle."

The more I think about it, Jesus lived a pretty "minimalistic" lifestyle and even though I do kind of fear sounding legalistic, I think it's wise to copy that aspect of His life and to follow after that model. I think far too ofter we justify needing things because we were raised in America, but the truth is if we believed the songs we sang on Sunday about needing only Him (and no I'm not saying that you don't need to eat food or drink water or have clothes or have a car to drive you places, I'm talking more about satisfaction). I believe whole-heartedly that in my own life that I have become more and more temporarily satisfied with "things" and less satisfied with Jesus and that has poured over into our home. I will say I have started the process of getting rid of things and it really is freeing to let go of things. Even some things that were sort of sentimental. I find those things the hardest (obviously) to get rid of, but the most satisfying because it helps me to turn to Jesus and lean on His strength and understanding to (yet again) realize, they are just things.

All of that to say that I'm starting a new adventure. I'm calling it the Minimalist Momma Life. I am living with less, creating more memories with my family, getting rid of junk (emotionally, spiritually, and physically) and organizing the stuff I do have in order to make more time for living ( I took that last little part from The Container Store, they're pretty much my favorite right now. They sent me a $100 gift card last week for winning the #BestMessMonday contest...which is actually embarrassing to win...but I'm so thankful & glad I did). I want to invite you to join me. 

I know not everyone has the same conviction as I do, but I can promise that you won't regret the decision. No harm can come from pairing down, organizing, and minimizing to your needs. I have put a lot of research, heart, prayer, and thought into this new adventure and I am looking forward to all of you that join me and seeing how making some changes impacts your lives as well. 

I'm officially starting (the blogging side of things...I've already started in real life to some degree) in June. Yes, I know it's a summer month and everyone wants to relax after a long school year, but what better time then the beginning of summer, they you can truly enjoy the rest of the summer. 

I also realize that not everyone that might want to do this is a Momma, but that's a big reason why I am doing this. After spending so much time in the hospital with only what we needed and just learning to spend time together, I want that same time with my sweet Sparrow (and hopefully future children) & Caleb.

If you do want to join me, I'd love to see your pictures and follow you on your journey too, so don't forget to #MINIMALISTMOMMALIFE on your social media posts so I (&hopefully others) can find your stuff.


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